Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey Santa Claus! Hey Santa Claus!

Santa2010aWe got to visit Santa at the Gazette yesterday.  We got to meet Santa early as Rocky got to interview him for a video series he’s doing.  Maggie was very excited to help!  She helped Rocky get set up and even came up with some questions (see below), but got shy when Santa showed up and let Daddy ask the questions.  Jessie wasn’t too shy and enjoyed checking out his beard – which is very real by the way! 

Maggie’s party present is a Zhu Zhu pet.  We were trying to figure out his name, but couldn’t find it on the box.  Maggie asked me to read something on the box, which was the warning label.  She decided “Warning” is a great name for her new Zhu Zhu pet.  Jessie got some blocks, which she loves to chew on!


Here is Maggie’s version of yesterday and her questions:

We take videos of him.  And I get a present from Santa.  My baby sister got a present too.  When we took videos of Santa, when it was over Santa was holding my baby sister then Jessie grabbed Santa’s beard!  I like visiting Santa.  But sometimes I have the best thing in my heart.  Like Christmas and God.  Even Love.

I tell Santa where does he live?  who makes the presents? How do reindeer fly?  What’s his favorite cookie?  Do you have a wife?  Why does Santa wear a coat?  Why does he wear boots that are big?  That’s it.

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  1. Maggie needs her own blog! The verbatim stuff that you post of hers is hysterical. :')