Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Happens

The past week or so has been filled with Christmas events, including 2010-12-19 2010-12-19 002 0012 Christmas concerts that Maggie participated in, 1 in preschool and 1 at church. She did pretty good at the preschool concert, but despite her assurances that she would sing loud in church and singing in the rehearsal, she simply mouthed the words. She still looked cute in her angel wings. (videos will be posted later)

2010-12-24 2010-12-24 002 003

Grandma Alana drove in on the 23rd and we were all able to just hang out most of the day Christmas Eve. Grandma brought a Gingerbread House kit and Maggie really enjoyed decorating it. She has asked several times when we can eat it. She may be the only one who partakes in eating it.

2010-12-24 2010-12-24 002 007

Christmas Eve, we also joined our neighbor’s annual Santa party. Maggie was sure to tell Daddy that it wasn’t the “real” Santa because he was traveling around the world delivery presents. Plus we SAW him fly through the neighborhood. She was 2010-12-24 2010-12-24 001 026still happy to sit on his lap and tell him that she wanted a Strawberry Shortcake doll for Christmas. She got a Little House on the Prairie story book from Santa, which she and Grandma read before bed.

After the party, we went 2010-12-24 2010-12-24 001 018to church. Maggie decided she wanted to sit with us and thought the candlelight service was fun. Jessie wasn’t as impressed and we spent a little time in the narthex with baby John Seab, who Jessie seemed to want to eat, or at least just taste. Though it was fun to watch the 2 babies interact.

Back at home, we found Santa had left our stockings, so we took some time to see what he left and open the “stockings” that Grandma Alana had brought for us. Maggie was thrilled to see Santa knew she liked Zoobles. We agreed that Santa can be pretty smart.

Christmas morning, Jessie & I got up early, around 5:30 am. Well, Jessie got up early and got me up with her. She enjoyed checking out the the Christmas lights and presents.2010-12-25 2010-12-25 001 002 2010-12-25 2010-12-25 001 004

The rest of the family got up around 7 or so, and Jessie had fallen back to sleep. Maggie took some time to play with her new Strawberry Shortcake doll – Santa didn’t forget!2010-12-25 2010-12-25 002 001 2010-12-25 2010-12-25 002 006

Jessie liked her gifts, but really preferred the wrapping paper and ribbons. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around a baby at Christmas

2010-12-25 2010-12-25 002 010 2010-12-25 2010-12-25 002 011

We all received nice gifts, Rocky got a telescope and Superman pjs and I got a new set of dishes and a nice fluffy robe among other wonderful things. We had ribs for lunch. And after lunch, Maggie got a final gift from Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Mike: a princess yard card!! Maggie was so excited, she just kept saying “I like it!”

2010-12-25 2010-12-25 002 017 2010-12-25 2010-12-25 002 030 2010-12-25 2010-12-25 002 037

It was a very very blessed Christmas. God bless us everyone!

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