Friday, December 17, 2010

Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes

A nice crisp Torrontes I.P. Salta from Argentina.  A little dry and probably much better in the summer, but I’ve been enjoying it this week.  I’m sure it will pair nicely with the pizza Rocky & Maggie brought home!

Per the label:

Crios means “offspring” and refers both to my children and my label of wines that display loveable fruit flavors and excellent balance.  Torrontes is Argentina’s uniquely aromatic grape variety and it shows its finest expression in the northern province of Salta where 5,000 ft elevation, dry weather, intense sun, cool nights, and sandy soils bring out its true nature.  It combines an intensely floral, citrusy aroma similar to Viognier with the dry, crisp taste of Sauvignon Blanc.  And no oak – just a lot of motherly attention.

I really am enjoying South American wines lately.  I have a trio of Californian and duo of Montanan – yes Montanan – wines to blog about soon.  I purchased the Torrontes at City Vineyard for $13.95.  I may have to look for more next summer.

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