Tuesday, May 18, 2010

9 months pregnant

I am officially 9 months (36 weeks) pregnant today. Which is weird, because I'm not technically full term yet -- that comes at 37 weeks. The whole weeks vs. months thing in pregnancy is very very confusing. I finally figured it out though: a full term pregnancy is FINISHING 9 months, not just getting to 9 months. And now I get the fun of telling people that I'm 9 months pregnant and watching their faces. I'm still hoping/praying my body doesn't freak out like it did last time and we make it to June. As a working mom, to get the maximum benefit from my leave, I'd really prefer it to start in June, and the later in June the better. My office is going to allow me to work from home for the non-medical portion of my leave, which is just wonderful! We have some projects just waiting for me. Most of my recruitment work has already been transitioned to a co-worker. I have some new hires I am finishing up with (which reminds me I need to make some calls to get drug screens scheduled). But I do feel a lot more confident that if I did need to leave unexpectedly early, what's leftover would not fall through the cracks.

Baby Dailey let me sleep last night, which, of course, worried me a bit this morning. Perhaps the Tylenol PM worked really well and I just didn't wake for the 3 a.m. party as I usually do. Or perhaps shim was just being nice. Once I got to work though, shim has been nice and active and alleviating all my fears -- just as I was about to call the nurse too. Good timing little one :)

We had a nice weekend, got the garden planted and let Maggie's butterflies go. So I have some photos to take and a video to edit for Maggie's latest entomologist project. It's supposed to rain this weekend, so that should be a nice little project to get posted. All the baby stuff is done and ready to go.

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  1. I can't wait to meet your new little one. But I will cross my fingers that baby can hold out until June.