Saturday, October 10, 2009

Six Years and Counting

Today is our 6th anniversary.  Unfortunately, I am nursing a rather nasty cold and it is bitter cold, so our celebration will be at a minimum.  Between my cousin’s daughter and the church, we do have a couple of options for babysitters so at least that is no longer an issue for us getting a date night.

I looked through some pictures to see if I could find a recent picture of Rocky & I to share.  Unfortunately, living with a photographer who doesn’t enjoy having his own picture taken means I had to go back to my cousin’s wedding in 2008 to find a picture that had both of us in it.  There is a family photo from the reunion this summer that might have worked, but in trying to crop out the rest of the family, the quality of the picture went down and it ended up as a not so good picture.  Perhaps when I’m feeling better or maybe if the Gazette does holiday family photos again, I’ll be able to talk Rocky into a photo of just the two of us.

Happy Anniversary!  I love you.287078658605[1]

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  1. You guys are such a sweet family. Happy Anniversary. I hope that you feel better soon to celebrate.