Monday, June 8, 2009

A long weekend

My mom and her cousin Joyce are here visiting this weekend. They are making a cross half the country trip this summer and we are their first stop. Maggie has enjoyed having Grandma Alana here and has kept her busy! She actually slept in Grandma's bed 3 nights, but last night asked to sleep with us. It was kind of nice to have the bed to ourselves! It has rained most of the time they have been here, so our trip to Red Lodge was rather a bust and we spent most of yesterday watching movies. The sun finally came out around 6 p.m. last night, so Rocky built a fire and we enjoyed the sunny weather for a few hours. The sun is out today so we will probably walk to the park and maybe even hit the zoo for Mom and Joyce's last day with us. They will head west tomorrow, stopping in Deer Lodge to visit Grandma Hansen and then onto Aunt Patsy's.

I'm a little worried about the baby as I've had some spotting since yesterday and a little cramping. I will be calling my doctor's nurse this morning. We have an appointment with him on Friday, but I'd rather not be in limbo for a week. We had spotting with Maggie -- probably about the same time in the pregnancy -- and she turned out fine, but it's always a little scary.

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