Thursday, February 26, 2009

Resolution Update

  1. Find a new church home: We attended a downtown Methodist Church last weekend. It started out really well and rather exciting. The pastor (or who we THOUGHT was the pastor) was energetic, the music was fun. Then we found out this was just the opening act. We think he was the Youth Pastor, which begs the question: why are Youth Pastors the only ones trying to make church fun and creative??
  2. Lose weight/exercise more: I took a few days off for the wedding and am back on track. I LOVE Wii Fit Boxing, but I need more work to get enough points for the trainer to stop telling me "You can do better than THAT!"
  3. Eat healthier: I'm trying! Of course, I really really want to try this 5 cheese and Mac that was showcased on "Ultimate Recipe Showdown." And it doesn't appear to be "healthy" eating. I think it might be good with some spinach, but Rocky has already asked me if I'm going to make the recipe or if I'm going to attempt, but just use what I've got in the kitchen (if I did, it would only be 1 cheese, so I do have to get a couple more cheeses first).
  4. Eating at the table: It's so nice to eat at the table. Maggie loves to help set the table and got a little upset with me the other night when I put the plates on before she could. We are working on manners and we are requiring Maggie to ask to be excused before she leaves the table. Usually it goes:

Maggie: I'm done! (starts to get down from her chair)
Rocky: Maggie, how do you ask?
Maggie: Please! I'm 'cused! I'm done!

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