Friday, February 27, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We had our first Parent-Teacher Conference for Maggie at preschool today. It went very well. They really enjoy having Maggie in preschool. They did recommend keeping her in the 2 days a week next year as she is still small and a little less mature than the older kids in the class. She is about a head shorter than many of the kids and the majority of her class is already 4. However, they also told us that Maggie is very bright and probably could have passed the test they gave to the 3 day class. Her fine motor skills are very good -- though she won't try to write letters at home, she does love to draw on her "board" (art easel) and cut with her blue scissors.

Miss Kim and Miss Suzanne did an evaluation with her and I could just hear Maggie throughout. During the evaluation they asked Maggie her name and age. Maggie apparently doesn't know her last name -- even though when we were in Virginia she did, mostly because there was another Maggie in her class there. She also doesn't like to clean and tends to wander to another area during clean up time. I have NO idea where she get that from (couldn't possibly be me!). She counted to ten (on her fingers) and then to 20 for them, leaving out 15 as always. She could write her name following dots, but alone it was mostly circles, which she loves to draw. She answered all their questions very well, though forgot her dog at home Otis when asked about a pet and instead named her passed away goldfish "Orange." I will also have to scan in her drawings of us and her self-portrait.

They didn't seem too bothered by Maggie's poopy issues. And she did tell Miss Kim about the deal: if she poops on the potty 5 times, she gets a fish (and she will also tell you the fish is at the fish store). So far, we have 3 successes. I think it's all about control and stubborness. Again, I just don't know where she gets that from.

All in all, I'm very happy we did decide to send Maggie to preschool this year. She loves it and even has a song about her preschool art "I made it in preschoool; I made it in preschool."

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