Saturday, February 7, 2009

Disney Live!

I received an email late last week from a colleague at the Gazette asking if I would be interested in Disney Live tickets. I had been debating purchasing tickets as I knew Maggie would enjoy the show, but didn't buy any because of the cost. I figured to really enjoy the show, you need to be on the lower level -- and I was right. I took the colleague up on the offer and Maggie and I enjoyed Disney Live this afternoon (Rocky had class).

The show featured Mickey Mouse & friends, Winnie the Pooh, Little Einsteins and Handy Manny. Maggie's eyes just lit up when she recognized a character -- mostly those in full costume. Actors portrayed the Little Einsteins (they weren't the best match for the kids), Darby from the new Pooh show and everyone (but the tools) with Handy Manny. Both Darby and the folks with Handy Manny were pretty good matches. But Maggie knew all the songs and we sang and clapped along. I was surprised at what she noticed -- during the first scene with Pooh, she asked me where Buster the dog was. And she really got excited about Handy Manny -- they did a lot of dancing.

Maggie clung pretty tight to me through the first half of the show. The intermission was 15-20 minutes long. Maggie noticed the other kids with souvenirs and candy, but only asked for candy once. I told her if she was good through the rest of the show, we would get something after. If I had brought cash, I might have gotten her something then, but I didn't and she was very good. The second half of the show saw a lot of kids getting up and dancing, especially the "hot dog" dance. It only took Maggie a few minutes to join the preschool "mosh" pit.

As we left, I got her some Handy Manny cotton candy, which came with a sun hat. Of course, they had all sorts of toys there right at kid eye level and the concessionaire saw Maggie reach for the cell phone. I said no, and she seemed happy with her candy and hat (though she wouldn't keep it on long enough for a photo). I had hoped they would be selling balloons or the like, but it was mostly stuff that looked like you could get it at the Disney Store (not that we have one here, but I wasn't about to pay $30 for a stuffed Pooh Bear).

Maggie talked all the way home about the show. She told me "That was a really good movie/show" several times and has already asked to see Mickey Mouse 3 times. I'm very happy that we live where we have access to these kinds of shows. It was cheesy and silly and every thing that a preschooler will love. While she probably won't remember it (or much of it anyway), I will and I will always remember watching her little face light up at the sight of Mickey Mouse.

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