Wednesday, February 4, 2009


  • Last night, Maggie was looking at some photos on the wall, which includes some wedding photos. She said: "Daddy, you look like a man! Mommy, Mommy looks like a princess!"
  • When I drop Maggie off at day care, part of our routine is reading a story before I leave. This morning, we read a book about bugs. When we got to the snail page, Maggie said "Mommy, look! A snail! A snail slides on his belly, like a penguin!" When we got to the roly poly bug page, she said "Mommy, look! A roly-poly! He's like an armadillo!"
  • We are still working on pooping on the potty at daycare. We think there may have been success today. Rocky picked up Maggie and she was in the same underwear as this morning. Rocky asked her if she pooped on the potty and she responded "Ya know, I really couldn't say." Usually she either tells us "I don't poop on the potty at daycare/preschool" or "Umm, Yes!" We are going to assume there was success today.

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