Friday, January 30, 2009

Resolution Update

  1. Get Maggie in her own bed more often: I think I've kind of said, "aw screw it" on this one. Maggie is only little for so long and she won't want to sleep with us or ask to snuggle forever.
  2. Find a new church home: Kind of on hold. Rocky had to work a few hours last weekend, so we didn't go. I think there are a few other churches I want to check out again before deciding on one.
  3. Lose weight: I've been very good about getting on the Wii Fit at least every other night. My work out days are Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, but last weekend I was also able to get in a workout on Sunday. Maggie "helped" me do the hula hoop and run. Maggie likes to hula hoop, but needs my help to get her little hips going, so she thought she should help me as well. As for running, well, she just ran around me in a circle while I ran in place. There are 3 women at work who also use the Wii Fit to work out, so we are able to talk about our progress and see who has opened up what games. I'm really getting into the aerobic boxing. However, I wish there was a way to turn off the hints, especially in yoga and strength. The trainers are helpful, but they can get repetitious. And I don't like being chastised for skipping a day (Too busy to work out yesterday, eh, Wendy?)
  4. Eat healthier: I'm trying!
  5. Eating at the table: There are very few nights that we do not eat at the table. Maggie loves to pray (Bwess us oh Lawd!) and Rocky has her asking to be excused: "I'm all done. Pease! I'm cused!" I'm also now in the habit of cleaning the kitchen -- at least getting the dishes in the dishwasher -- right after supper. This is a HUGE step for me :)
  6. Turn the TV off night: Maybe when it's warmer and we can go outside . . . Though, last weekend, Maggie was in her room and when I walked by she hollered out at me "Mommy, want to play a game with me?" and we played the Brown Bear game on her bed.

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  1. at least you are still trying. I gave up on my resolutions long ago.