Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Resolution Update

I figure if I'm going to make resolutions, I need to track my progress so here goes:
  1. Get Maggie in her own bed more often: Little progress. Though Rocky put her to bed the other night and she slept there all night long. I put her in her own bed last night and she slept until around midnight, when I was woken up by Rocky telling me she's awake and calling for me. I laid by her for a little while until she asked to go to "Daddy's room." She tossed and turned there until she finally told me she had to go potty. I think that's a pretty good reason to wake me up, especially when she really did go potty and it wasn't just a stall tactic.
  2. Find a new church home. We attended a Presbyterian church on the other side of town last weekend. It is small, but very friendly. The crowd seemed older, but they only have one service (11 am) and football starts at 11 am here, so I'm curious to see if the crowd changes when football is over. We couldn't find a church we liked with an early service, so we are expanding our criteria.
  3. Lose weight/eat healthier: Slow progress and I should probably split this out. But for now . . . I'm tracking my food on spark and have been for a few months. It also allows me to track my activities, but I don't believe their calorie burning counts, so I try to just keep track of my time and disregard what they say about calorie burning. My tracking has been lacking lately, and I find I eat better if I have to account for it! I did skip my work out last night with a lame excuse: I wanted to use the Wii and Maggie was watching TV there.
  4. Eating at the table: We are doing great on this one! Every work night we have eaten at the table. I was a little lax this weekend, but right now Maggie loves to help, so she will start setting the table for me while I finish up dinner.
  5. Turn the TV off night: I think I might try this tonight. It is Rocky's workout night, so I think I will bring out Uno and Candyland and see if I can entice Maggie. I don't enjoy Wednesday night TV, but if the games don't work, I am going to try to get her into the Planet Earth shows on Discovery. I've DVR'd a few and I think they are cool. She did like seeing the humpback whale on one episode. So at least it would be "healthy" TV tonight.

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