Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Works of Art

Maggie has been in day care since she was 8 weeks old and she has been making art since about that time. Well, maybe not that early, but I know when she was a few months old, the care givers as VCU Child Care put those little baby feet into paint to make art for the wall and we took her to a pottery place and put her little baby feet onto mugs for the grandparents. Most of it has come home. And I think I've kept about 50% of it. Of course, that doesn't include all the pieces of art she has created at home, though I've probably kept fewer of those. Most of the pieces are in a box in the crawl space. I have 3 pieces in my office, 2 finger paintings hanging on the inside of cupboards and a few that I kept out with the intention of possibly framing. If I learned nothing else from my first job in Grand Rapids (and I probably didn't), I learned that your child's drawings should be considered priceless pieces of art and hung on the wall. Okay, not ALL of them are worthy of framing, but there are a few. I do hope that Maggie continues to enjoy art and maybe even comes to appreciate art that wasn't created by her. In the meantime, her "board" will help her create many many beautiful works!

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