Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 Resolutions

I've been thinking about resolutions the past few days. I seem to make the same every year: lose weight, eat healthier, etc. While those are still in view, I thought there are a few others that I should pursue:
  1. Get Maggie in her own bed more often. Maggie used to be a pretty quiet sleeper. Not so anymore. She's a very warm blooded little girl and when she gets hot in the night, she starts kicking the covers off. She is usually snuggled close to me, which means, my covers get kicked off as well. My hesitation is that she still wakes up in the night and isn't good at getting herself to back to sleep, so I get "Mommy, where are you?" through the monitor. Which means my sleep is disrupted. And the most important thing here is that I get my sleep!
  2. Find a new church home. We've been on this search really since leaving Michigan. We loved our church there -- it was a great fit for us. We had a pretty good church in Virginia. And now, here we are in Montana, back in the search. We need to stop looking for another Westminster and just look for a good fit.
  3. Yeah, well, I'm going to keep losing weight and eating healthier on the list because they need to stay there. I did set up a work out schedule for Rocky and me and I did about 40 minutes (total) on the Wii Fit last night. I like the Wii Fit because I'm not doing the same thing for 20-30 minutes and I still feel like I get a good workout.
  4. Along those same lines, we need to eat more meals at the nice dining table we have and not in front of the TV. We all eat better that way, and it seems like Maggie actually eats.
  5. I would like to establish a game night and turn the TV off, but Maggie is still a little young for board games. We could make it a Wii night as Maggie loves to play "The Wheel Game" (MarioKarts), "Make Music" (Wii Music) and "Do Strong Legs" (yoga on the Wii Fit). However, it's not always fun for us to play those games with her, but maybe that's just all part of being a parent.

I think that's a pretty good list, pretty long. I'll have to check back on this list in a month to see how well I'm doing.

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