Monday, April 20, 2015

Stitch Fix

As a reward for losing those first 10 pounds, I decided to sign up for Stitch Fix. This is a fashion retailer service for women: you answer some questions about what you like, your measurements/sizes and they pick out 5 articles of clothing for you and send to you. There is a $20 styling fee, which is refunded if you purchase anything. You are able to make some requests, show examples of what you like on a Pinterest board to give them ideas. My first fix arrived yesterday. I was actually very happy with what was sent, even though most will be returned.

 1. Gabe Maxi Skirt. I LOVE this skirt. It is soft and so comfortable and unfortunately about 5 inches too long. I had to roll up the waist band to get the hem off the floor. I considered keeping it as I do like it, but at $48, I want to be sure it actually fits.

2. Finnegan Chino shorts. Another love, except for fit. The size is shown as a 14, so I was happy that my hard work is definitely paying off! Maggie said I can just wear a belt, which is true, but again at $48, I want the right fit.

3. Sam Hi-Lo short sleeve tee. I was just meh about this tee. The fabric is soft and this would be very comfortable, and perhaps in a smaller size it would fit better. I felt like I was swimming in the shirt and it just hung on me.

4. Alena collared button down. I wanted this to fit SO much, but again, wrong fit. This one was actually too small, tight around the bust and it just didn't lay right on my hips.

5. Chester embroidered bib top. I debated for some time on this one. So cute, but I wasn't sure how comfortable I would be with how shear it is. Rocky talked me into it. A  simple camisole will make this great for work and without, it will be fun this summer; plus it will go great with the cranberry shorts I just got off eBay!

There is a $20 styling fee for the service, but you only pay that if you choose to send everything back. The top I chose is $48, which includes shipping.

I do NOT like clothes shopping. I'm not a good shopper and I'm definitely not a "dig through the sales rack to find something awesome" type of gal. I've gone with people who are and while it's fun to find those deals, it was also exhausting! I'm all for saving money, but I prefer to do it on eBay :)

I've submitted my feedback and updated my sizes in my profile so my next fix should fit a little better. I signed up for quarterly fixes -- mostly so I don't end up spending TOO much. This is going to be a great way to slowly update my wardrobe as I get rid of pieces I either no longer wear or no longer fit!

You can sign up for your fix at this link:

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