Monday, June 30, 2014

Tweeting from #SHRM14 [140 charaters or less]

The SHRM conference had an app to use at the conference, which was great for following the schedule, viewing presentations and even taking notes! Until ... I got home and all my notes ... Gone... Lost to cyberspace. They could possibly exist somewhere, but I'm not holding my breath that they will return. At least I did do some tweeting of my notes during the conference, and some retweeting of other's notes. There were a lot of great thoughts throughout the weekend, and I really don't want to lose them. So here are some of my favorites:

Looking forward to annoying all my non-HR friends :) RT @weknownext: Stay connected at #SHRM14

RT @weknownext: Heather Abbott:  "Each one of us must seize the opportunity to pay it forward." #shrm14

RT @joelyoh: Says @RobinRoberts "Make your mess your message." #shrm14 #hrstrong

@RobinRoberts focus on the fight not the fright #SHRM14

RT @jbbreier: @RobinRoberts thanks for going on a first date with all of us! #SHRM14

#shrm14 the vendor expo is a tad overwhelming!!

Where are the martinis? RT @krice87

RT @mfaulkner43: Your job isn't HR. It's to help your business do what it does. @sbrownehr #SHRM14

#shrm14 everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself

RT @TrishMcFarlane: Meet people where they are, not where you expect them to be.  Sage advice from @sbrownehr #shrm14

#SHRM14 @tomfriedman 7 years ago Twitter was a sound, 4G was a parking space, big data was a rapper

#SHRM14 @tomfriedman Google doesn't care what you know-Google machine knows all. Google only cares about what you can do with what you know

RT @mfaulkner43: “@akaBruno: There are still middle class jobs? #SHRM14” There's still a middle class?

In line to get @tomfriedman autograph in my new book! #shrm14 // OMG he actually asked me a question!!#geekedout @tomfriedman #shrm14

Love that Jessie had to call me to ask if I'm coming home after #shrm14 #ofcourse

#SHRM14 stepped outside #comfortzone last night & ended up meeting other higher ed HR professionals!

@Eric_B_Meyer "what am I, a lawyer?" Great line! #shrm14

#DavidNovak #SHRM14 solve the biggest problems that occur most frequently & your business will grow

#DavidNovak #SHRM14 people don't start thinking until 10 am. In fact most of you are probably still asleep!

RT @googlegirlny: #DavidNovak #SHRM14 2 reasons why people leave they don't feel appreciated and they don't get along with their boss

#davidnovak #shrm14 if you know what needs to be done, DO IT or someone else will

RT @chiu_jen: As you rise up, celebrate other people's ideas so they will bring the ideas to you  #SHRM14

@Eric_B_Meyer loved your presentation would have liked more discussion on navigating thru #ADA. my hands are getting tied a lot #shrm14

#shrm14 top 6 words for #HR : document, document, document, communicate, communicate, communicate

Perfect take away from this week! RT @mjcbama: I totally agree! ""Walk on the beach every chance you get" Mrs. Laura Bush #SHRM14

When you live in the White House, you not only live w ghosts of presidents past, but w echos of the voices of the people #shrm14 @laurawbush

RT @GingerDodds: How are you #transformed by your experience at  #SHRM14 ?

RT @crystinegalvan: It's the job of every American to step up, find your pitcher mound and take a stand. #SHRM14 #LauraWBush

@laurawbush have to disagree that work is NOT the most fulfilling thing in life. My family is MUCH more fulfilling to me. #shrm14

@wschiemann #shrm14 50% of employee exit surveys are wrong or incomplete as people don't want to burn bridges

#shrm14 listening 2 info on new cert from SHRM. getting that this is about control. Control over test, knowledge base. A little about $

#shrm14 #newcertification seems like there was a huge disconnect/lack of communication regarding this with @HRCertInstitute
I think I will need to go through the #SHRM14 hashtag again soon to pick up additional words of wisdom that I may have missed. I did make some new twitter & real live connections so the information will keep coming!

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