Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Would Like Some Cake

I made the mistake of letting Jessie scroll through Pinterest before her birthday. Luckily, I had already scoped it out and was able to push her to pick the cake I had kinda already decided on.

Blue Velvet, cream cheese frosting and some blue candy melted to look like ice. I totally cheated on the cake and got a box mix -- more because I knew Jessie would want to help and if she spilled too much, is only be out a couple of bucks [though I totally expected my counters to be stained blue for a while!] I also under-estimated the amount of blue candies (blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers) I would need so we ended up with less ice than I wanted.

Jessie got her little Frozen set (minus Hans who is apparently somewhere in the house) to put on top. "Dey are stuck in the snow!" according to Jessie.

She loved her cake! I'm glad I let her help; I loves seeing how proud she looked after finishing.

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