Friday, February 1, 2013

1000 Gifts, New Year, New List

As the new year began, I anticipated continuing with my list as I had before. It was a good process. I would list out my gifts as they come to me, sometimes on paper, sometimes on Twitter. And I still do that. But I needed a little more "help," and so while following Ann Voskamp and One Thousand Gifts on Facebook, I decided to take her challenge to the next level and download her daily prompts.  Her prompts are for 3 gifts.  Sometimes it is easy to see the gift and, as usual, sometimes the gifts are trickier to find.  So I decided to change how I was posting my gifts, and will now post monthly, following her calendar.  I will still list gifts as they come to me on Twitter, which if you are there, feel free to follow me and start your own list there.

1000 Gifts. 93 Gifts in January

3 Gifts heard: Jessica's laughter, Maggie's singing, Rocky's snoring
A Gift outside, inside, on a plate: Beautiful blue skies, returning to work after a long weekend, leftovers for lunch!
3 Graces overheard: Praise songs playing in the background, prayers that will be said, "If we are the Body"
A gift old, new, blue: Leftovers, a new leather chain for my cross, my new travel coffee mug
Something you're reading, making, seeing: The Confident Woman, prayer journal, a prayer I needed at the right time.
One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart: A coupon book, a bottle of bubbly wine, ability to forgive
3 Graces from people you love: Snuggles with Jessie, giggles with Maggie, another chance from Rocky
Dusky light, surprising reflection, lovely shadow Watching the sun rise as I take Maggie to school, catching her eye in the rear view mirror, the shadow of Rusty - always ready
A gift held, passed by, sat with Maggie's hand, passing by the crowd at the press conference at work, sitting by the tub as the girls play
A gift sour, sweet, just right Sourdough toast for breakfast, my husband's sweet kiss, date night
3 yellow gifts of fresh mercy Looking for yellow clover seeds (flowers blooming as a sign of renewal), the sun hiding behind the clouds as the snow falls, the lemon in my water - refreshing!
Something above, below, beside The bright sun shining from above in the cold, Rusty at my feet -- nibbling at my socks, sitting beside my husband on a date night
3 things about yourself you are grateful for My faith, my voice, my curiosity
3 startling graces of God  The bitter cold wind - for I am safe & warm in a house with a working furnace and plenty of food!
A gift worn, given away, shared My W2E cross a reminder of the weekend filled with grace; giving my gloves to my daughter who left hers in school; sharing music with Maggie on the drive to school
3 witnessed blessings seeing Rocky at his work, Maggie & Jessie sharing a bowl of chips, sunset
A gift bringing laughter, prayer, quiet Friends in prayer group, first day of counseling, sleep
3 Gifts from God's Word Isaiah 43:2, Job 37:5, Mark 11:24
3 gifts that might never have been Jessica (we would have someone else if I had not miscarried), our marriage (if someone else had been chosen to go to HOBY from my school or Tammy's), who I am today (if not for Christ)
3 gifts only seen close up Details on my W2E cross, words in my Bible, Clover seeds
A gift in sky, water, memory The moon & Jupiter, so clearly seen; cold refreshing water, summer camp
A gift wrinkled, smoothed, unfolded: the lines on my face, the comforter on my bed, the laundry that needs to be folded (so blessed to have so many clothes!)
3 gifts found in Christ comfort in his Word, joy in Christmas & Easter, time of reflection as we approach Lent
3 things Blue: Rocky's eyes, my coffee mug from the girls, the Montana Big Sky
A grace borrowed, found, inherited helping at W2E, our new awkward attempts at communication, the love of singing his praises (inherited from my grandmothers)
A gift before Dawn, at Noon, after Dark The full moon shining in our room, lunch with my family, date night!
3 Gifts in the Kitchen planning, cooking, tasting
3 Graces found in Friends Diane, Alyssa & Chris who can be my electronic confidants -- quick responses via text or social media; My prayer group -- understanding without judgment; Michelle, Lori & Shannon -- godly work friends
A song heard, a soft word, light seen Majestic! by Lincoln Brewster, Jessie's soft "wake up Sissy!", a meeting in the Commons
3 Old things seen New hand-me-down clothes, marriage, South Dakota
A gift on paper, in a person, in a picture Maggie's story about her future cat; Rocky helping out a friend; Maggie & Ainslee being silly at lunch.

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