Thursday, December 20, 2012

Joy to the World

Almost to 500!

421. 3 gifts from my savior: This wonderful blessed time of Advent/Christmas/his continuing to walk with me; his ongoing love for me and my family
422. Maggie's Christmas letter to Santa, which included a family gift and one for Jessie.
423. Answers at work
424. Watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with Maggie
425. Jessie playing Barbies while dressed as Spider-Man
426. Rocky starting my car to warm it up for me -- his continued thoughtfulness
427. A husband who makes me want to be a better wife.
428. Setting new year's resolutions
429. Time to do that last Christmas shopping
430. Being DONE Christmas shopping
431. Getting caught
432. Forgiveness
433. Mercy
434. Protection over Maggie at school
435. Jessie singing Jingle Bells
436. Godly friends to pray over us.
437. Time with Rusty in the backyard
438. Cold fresh air to clear my lungs and head
439. Jessie's pretty ponytails
440. Painting Jessie's finger- and toe-nails
441. Trading in shame for the Joy of the Lord
442. Excellent time with Cheryl
443. Free counseling
444. A promotion for Rocky!
445. Lunch with my prayer group
446. Planning time out with Mark & Kristi
447. Looking at a situation in a new light, with optimism.
448. Maggie singing "The Friendly Beasts"
449. Singing along with the great Messiah choruses
450. Jessie getting caught singing and her wild hair

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