Thursday, December 6, 2012

Joy Dare

I can't believe it's Christmas season.  This time of year simply speeds by.  I've been remiss with keeping up with my list, but my book is ever at my side, reminding me to look for those things to be thankful for.  While I am keeping this list, I do have to remind myself to stop and actually thank God for these gifts.  I truly have been given much and the opportunity to be able to look for these gifts, these joys, I hope are helping me to drink in this season in a way I haven't been able to before.

382. Friends coming over for Thanksgiving
383. The anticipation of cooking for Thanksgiving
384. A husband who still desires me
385. The twinkle in his blue eyes
386. Automatic dishwashers! Magically cleaning my dishes, even when I'm not around
387. A new recipe to try for Thanksgiving
388. 3 gifts of traditions: The big turkey dinner (with enough for leftovers!); putting up the tree the day after & watching Christmas movies; a new tradition for our advent calendar
389. "Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, Let me be singing when the evening comes." 10,000 Reasons
390. A plan put into place, awaiting more details, but there is a path
391. Putting up the Christmas tree
392. Maggie's Positive Power Award
393. Watching "A Christmas Carol" with George C Scott
394. Jessie giving us a "report" on Rusty -- his eyes, ears, nose
395. Jessie singing her ABCs
396. Maggie & Jessie giggling
397. Maggie is most thankful for her school.
398. The smell of turkey roasting
399. Watching football with Rocky
400. Watching Super Hero movies with Jessie
401. Visiting Maggie's class with Rusty
402. Maggie's teacher, Mrs. George.
403. Finding little stocking stuffer gifts
404. Prayers answered for a softer heart (for me!)
405. A prayer to remind me from whom I should find my confidence!
406. Breakfast with Maggie
407. Putting up the Christmas tree at work
408. Time to be silly and laugh with my co-workers
409. Prepare ye the way of the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Isaiah 40:3
410. The struggle to make Christmas meaningful (and what does THAT mean?)
411. Maggie reading Christmas books
412. Maggie's Girl Scout Troop - each girl bringing something different to the group!
413. Maggie's Girl Scout Troop leader, Jean
414. The parents of the girls in Maggie's Troop
415. Jessie's ever changing desires, Spider-Man, Cinderella!
416. Maggie's curiosity
417. Listening to VeggieTales Christmas
418. Maggie singing along to the Christmas Cantata song "Fear Not"
419. Maggie & Jessie singing along to the Chipmunks Christmas album
420. Jessie loving the "pretty lights" "Wook, Mama! Peddy lights!"

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