Thursday, December 22, 2011

The North Pole Adventure!

Last weekend, we took the girls on a North Pole Adventure train ride to meet Santa.  It was kind of like “The Polar Express” train ride to the “North Pole.”  The Charlie Russell Chew Choo is a summer time dinner train that the Lewistown Chamber of Commerce utilizes in December to allow kids (and adults) to meet Santa.  We all had a blast!  Maggie was so excited, but got nervous once Santa got on the train, so no family photo with him.  Jessie got very very excited to see Santa once he came out of his house and headed to the train, saying “It-ta! It-ta!” and pointing at Santa.  At one point, she even asked him for shoes (again!)

Our friends the Jenkins came along and we all had a lot of fun, enjoying the start of the Christmas week together in Lewistown.Jessie Maggie_train train01 train06Train03   Train04

It was a beautiful drive to Lewistown as well, though it would have been better with a little bit of snow (it was nice to wait in line for the train in no snow!)


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