Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Bestest Bug Christmas Pageant EVER!

Maggie’s school Christmas show was this past Thursday, December 15.  She was so 2011-12-15_17-57-52_793excited as she got to be a Lightening Bug, dressed all in yellow (fun to try to find in December!) and got to carry a flashlight. The show was at the high school’s auditorium and she got to be backstage with her friend Ainslie before the show.  Rocky & I took turns entertaining, or trying to entertain, Jessie while we waited for the show to start.  Next year, we’re getting a babysitter for Jessie!

It was an adorable little program and very well done.  All of the kids were different kinds of bugs and ,if I followed the story correctly, the lightening bugs saved the day by  getting the Christmas tree to light after the Termites ate it.

It turned into a long evening and right after the Kindergartens big number, I think Maggie was done.  A big kid took her spot on the riser and she had to be in the front.  The show was at 6:30, and we only had a snack, not supper, before.  After, Maggie told us that she was kind of nervous and that’s why she was upset.  We told her it was okay to be nervous before a show and that Dad gets nervous sometimes before he has to teach a class.

We went to Applebee’s after and Maggie just barely made it through supper without falling asleep!

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