Saturday, December 10, 2011

18 Months Old

Jessie is still a little peanut! 22 lbs 2 oz and 33 inches long, she's right along the 25th percentile. But even as a little peanut she is all over the place! She doesn't really walk, but runs EVERYWHERE. She loves to climbs over and on EVERYTHING, including poor Wiconi.

Her vocabulary is really growing. She can identify and say nose, eyes & toes, but also knows ears and hair. She has started her transition into the Toddler Room at daycare and loves it. The drop offs are a lot easier as she likes starting in the toddler room and loves Ms Cheryl & Ms Monica.

The Christmas Tree is a very curious sight to her and most ornaments have been moved up out if her reach.

Jessie loves her big sister and loves to copy whatever Sissy does. She typically calls her Sissy but can also say Maggie. She still loves to give hugs and kisses. It's about the only time she stands still!
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