Friday, May 6, 2011

"I'm just happy I was brave"

Maggie got her Kindergarten shots on Tuesday. She has been so excited about this day for so long. I took Monday off and we registered for Kindergarten and had a Maggie & Mom day. We had Japanese food and went to the bookstore.

And Tuesday was THE day. Jessie was sick so she came along. Maggie entertained Jessie while we waited. She weighs 39.5 pounds and is 47 inches tall. She's right on the 25% curve. They tested her hearing and eyes. Dr Sorenson felt Maggie is very healthy but did have a concern about her lisp and recommended we have her evaluated by a speech therapist. I need to call and get an appointment set up as there aren't a lot of speech therapists in town and I'd like to get her in with one of the Billings Clinic therapists.

Then came the shots. We had talked about them some and Maggie knew they might hurt. Miss Carol even told her it would be okay to cry. Nurse Cheryl brought in the 2 needles and the band aids. Maggie held my hand but really wanted to watch. She counted to 3 each time but didn't even get watery eyes. So proud of her.

She is such my big girl and it has been so wonderful to watch her grow these almost 6 years.
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