Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 342

Jessie is now 11 months old! It’s amazing how difficult is has gotten to do these little updates.  She has changed so much in the past month!

She recognizes the dogs and if you ask her “What does Wiconi say?” she will howl at you!


She has been walking for about 4 weeks – about a week after she turned 10 months old, she just started walking.  Is it terrible that I can’t tell you the exact day?  I remember Rocky & I whispering to each other, but it was like she just decided to get up and walk.  Her little legs are still so short that she has that Frankenstein’s monster gait and daycare has told us that she has the little crab sideways walk as well.

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She and Maggie still get along fabulously!  They love to wrestle and Maggie does a good job, most of the time, keeping herself in check so she doesn’t accidentally hurt Jessie.

No words yet from Jessie, but lots of “mumumumumum”s and “dadadadadada”s.  She has signed “Eat” and “More” a couple of times, but nothing consistent yet.  Maggie is helping us teach her a few signs.  Maggie LOVES to teach Jessie words and is almost constantly telling Jessie was something is and asking her if she can say something.

We are having Jessie baptized June 5 and will have a little party at our house after with cake and hopefully (if the grill is working) hot dogs & hamburgers, though we haven’t quite decided how big this shindig will be.  It just doesn’t seem possible that she is almost a full year old.  

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