Monday, October 4, 2010

J. Bookwalter 2004 Merlot

One of the local wine stores has a Facebook page and last week listed a Merlot.  I don’t normally like Merlots, but the description sounded very yummy:

This blend displays spicy vanilla, chocolate, espresso and candied cherries on the nose followed by concentrated flavors of sweet black cherries, black currants, cassis and cocoa all wrapped with a hint of earthiness on the palate.

The proprietor told me the reason for the great deal (usually $38/bottle, they were selling it for $8.99) was the vintner is changing his label and was looking to get rid of any bottles in the old label.  So I bought one bottle, only one because, again, typically I’m not a fan of Merlots.  She also suggested letting the bottle breathe as it is a 2004.

I opened the bottle last Thursday.  The first glass was nice.  I did think I should get at least one more bottle.  Friday, I had another glass and it was even better.  I decided to definitely get more.  Then I put off going back to Simply Wine until Sunday and of course, they were all sold out :(  It is a nice smooth wine with very little aftertaste.  Next time the description intrigues me, I’m just buying 2 bottles.


  1. i LOVE wine. i hope you post more reviews because i am always looking for a cheap under 10 bottle. thanks for your comment on the cosleeping post. i think you put it best, that a baby is so attached to you for so long and we just expect him to go out and be independent once he is outside of you. it will take time!

  2. *sigh* that sounds so-very-lovely right now! excellent review-- i'm so looking forward to reading more! :)