Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 122

 2010-09-20 2010-09-20 001 012Jessie is 4 months old now.  It seems as if she has changed so much in just the last month.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m no longer with her 24/7 or if she really is growing faster than she should.  She rolls over and really really wants to crawl.  If left to her own accord, she will wriggle her way around the floor on either her belly or her back. 

2010-09-20 2010-09-20 001 019

She has discovered that she has a big sister.  She is really starting to pay attention to Maggie.  She will look for her and watch her intently.  The other morning, 2010-09-20 2010-09-20 001 007when Jessie realized Maggie wasn’t paying attention to her, she started squawking at Maggie to get her attention.  Earlier this week, while riding home with Daddy, Jessie watched Maggie from her car seat and giggled at her the whole way home – what a refreshing change from her 2nd month of life when Jessie spent most of the time in the car screaming.

2010-09-20 2010-09-20 001 004

I’m not sure how we got so blessed to get 2 fairly content kids.  I hope this isn’t the calm before the storm and the teenage years drive us slowly insane.  However, I did pray for a good sleeper and God answered that prayer with a resounding Yes!  Jessie will fight sleep some, but not to the extent her sister did/does.  I can only pray our friends, Liz and Chris, & Kristi and Mark are also blessed with the good sleepers.  And I hope Liz and Chris are currently marveling at their new little one!

2010-09-20 2010-09-20 001 018


  1. Just look at your girls. They are so beautiful. :)

  2. How cute are your kids!!!! Love those pictures!

  3. Oh enjoy the pre-crawling time. Once they take off life becomes SO much harder. My girls are close to age to your girls and I just love watching how they interact.