Sunday, October 24, 2010


We were robbed Friday evening. We were in the (bad) habit of leaving our garage door open after we return home from work and also in the (bad) habit of leaving our bags in the VUE or mini-van. I've been carrying my stuff in the diaper bag, so my wallet, keys, sunglasses were all in the mini-van. About 7:30-8 pm on Friday, I went out to the garage to get my bag so I could purchase tickets to a fundraiser I'm going to with some women from church. When I couldn't find my bag in the car, I assumed Rocky had brought it in and asked him. He told me he hadn't, so I went back out to the car to retrace my steps. And prayed that I hadn't left it sitting in the Gazette parking lot. Certain I hadn't, I went back in the house, thinking I just forgot that I brought it in. Then Rocky decided to look and discovered his bag was also missing. We figured out that the bags must have been taken from our garage after we got home. How scary is that? They were in our garage, on our property and gone without us even realizing they were there. The dogs didn't even bark. They had my bag, my wallet, my keys, my work ID. My STUFF. My identity! Rocky called the police and I started making a list of what was in my bag. Have you ever tried to do that? Could you do it right now? After talking to the police, who were going to send an officer over, Rocky called our bank to cancel our debit cards and checks (they got all 3 checkbooks). I texted a co-worker to get the phone number to cancel my work credit card -- which I couldn't do at the time because the work cards aren't attached to your social security number and it was either cancel EVERY business card or just wait. I opted to wait. I did find an old statement that was in my email and was able to get it canceled. I canceled my Target card and talked to the bank to cancel my personal accounts. I still have to go the bank to reopen my checking account (I didn't do it over the phone because I still had to cancel Target and work cards -- and call my VP to let her know what happened, just in case). I have to go to the DMV to get a new driver's license. I have to get new keys.

Feeling more vulnerable than normal, we all slept in the same bed Friday night. Jessie was throwing up most of the night, so she also slept in bed with us. Maggie loved being in the "family bed." Rocky eventually went to sleep in the living room, but neither one of us got much sleep. In the morning, Rocky went to Ace to get new locks for the doors. I talked to the Health Line nurse about Jessie's throwing up & rash and we decided we needed to see the pediatrician as well. Rocky put in the new lock and then we all headed to Billings Clinic to check on Jessie. We saw the pediatrician for all of 5 minutes, who dismissed my talk of Scarlet Fever because "babies don't get strep" (yeah, and kids don't get Scarlet Fever without a fever, but Maggie did in January but you know best). We were sent home with a curt "keep her covered with Vaseline" and "there's probably a stomach bug going around."

Back at home, we had a message from a credit card fraud protection department as the thieves attempted to use my health savings account debit card to buy gas. I had forgotten about that card, so I got that one canceled as soon as I got off the phone with the fraud protection department.

And just when you start believing the world is full of thieves and evil, we got a call this afternoon from a woman who found my work credit card and one of my debit cards, near where the thieves attempted to purchase gas. Rocky told her to cut up the cards and went out to check the garbage cans and dumpsters in that area to see if he could find anything else. He couldn't, but there's nothing else for them to use in the bag, unless they have a baby. Oh, and the Target card with less than $20 on it.

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