Monday, September 13, 2010

It was only in her dreams . . .

I've gone over to daycare every day since the girls have started going. I would do this even if Jessie was eating from her bottle fine because I love to see their faces. Looking at my calendar this week is going to be more challenging to get over there, but I still will.

Today, I got over there a little later than usual, so I didn't get to see Maggie as her class was already in quiet time and you couldn't pay me enough to disturb Pre-K quiet time. Very very bad juju. Tiffany was just getting ready to make Jessie a bottle when I got there, so I picked up a sleeping Jessie from the bouncy seat and went into the back to feed her. She opened her eyes once or twice, but didn't really acknowledge I was there, other than to slurp from my breast. I tickled her a few times to get her to finish, but when she did, she still didn't wake up. So I decided to lay her down, the best way to wake a sleeping baby right? Not this time. She grunted, rubbed her face - kinda, but otherwise didn't move. I wonder if she even realizes I was there, or if she thinks it was all just a dream.

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