Sunday, September 5, 2010

Farmer’s Market

The past 2 Saturday mornings, we’ve hit the local Farmer’s Market.  Last weekend, we picked up 2 Hutterite chickens. I’m hoping to roast one and turn the other into chicken soup as it is getting to be that time of year.

farmermarket01Yesterday, we found a few more deals: Hutterite dill pickles & cantaloupe, sweet corn and some really awesome berries:  strawberries, blackberries & white raspberries.  The berries were juicy, plump and sweet.  I put a few on some ice cream (with some chocolate syrup), but the rest we all just ate.  I am really looking forward to picking up some more next week!farmermarket02Grandpa Mike got cookies & fudge, Grandma Bonnie got a caramel apple and Maggie got a balloon deer which she named “Smelliot.”

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