Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to reality

I've been back to work full time for 2 weeks now. Last week kind of felt like a practice week as Rocky was home and Grandma Bonnie & Grandpa Mike came up for the weekend. But this week was the real thing. Both girls in daycare. And a new daycare to boot.

Maggie loves the new daycare. She is in the pre-K room and yesterday they went to the library. Which (bad mommy here) was her first trip to the library, ever. We/I just haven't gotten around to getting to the library and getting our library card here in Billings. But now that she has been, she is eager to go back. They also have a traveling bear, Albert, that Maggie got to bring home this week. We have already taken several pictures and Maggie gave him a "make-over" last night in her play tent. We will do some journaling of her time with him and she will get her own show and tell time to talk about her week with Albert. We have had a few issues with drop off, mostly because Maggie goes into a general room with kids aged 2 and up and not her own classroom. I hung out with her a bit this morning and stayed until breakfast. We will probably make a deal with Maggie that if she has good drop offs each morning without tears, Mommy or Daddy will stay for breakfast on Fridays. And Little Seeds is cool with it as long as we give them a day's notice. And the pancakes this morning smelled REALLY good.

Jessie is adjusting well. She's not fond of any of the bottles we brought. Her caregiver, Tiffany, brought in a Soothie bottle, which has the same nipple as her favorite pacifier. And of course, she drank well from that. If today goes as well, then we'll purchase some Soothie bottles for her. They aren't expensive, but unfortunately we have to order them as our local Wal-mart doesn't have any in stock. And at least we know lots of people having babies so we can give the bottles Jessie doesn't like away.

I love having the girls close. We've all driven in together this week and will try to do it on a regular basis. We park at the Gazette and walk to Little Seeds. Then I walk to work. I've also gone up to visit at lunch time every day, so I'm getting some exercise in! 20 minutes walking each day is going to add up :) It also helps that I'm able to get into my jeans again.

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