Friday, January 1, 2010

The Traditional Family Photo

When Rocky and I got married, well, actually even before that, we have sent out a photo Christmas card.  Before we had Maggie, the dogs were always included.  Prior to moving to Montana, we attempted to include the dogs two years, with not so good results – though we did get one nice full family photo with Nala and Otis and it’s currently hanging in my office.  When we moved to Montana and Rocky started working at the Gazette we found they had a family Holiday party each year and took family photos – professional quality, home done price!  Unfortunately, we are unable to bring the dogs, which is good and bad. 

familyThis year, Maggie had such a great picture with Santa, we, well Rocky knew that WAS the Christmas card.  A 4 year old snuggled up to Santa?  I couldn’t argue too much.

Well, we FINALLY got the family photos from the set this year and the photographer picked out a nice photo, touched it up and it is ready for uploading to Kodak Gallery, printing and framing.  But THIS is my favorite and I think it truly captures all of us.

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