Thursday, January 28, 2010

Half Way There

Oh oh, livin' on a prayer! Sorry, jumped back to the 80s for a second.

We are half way through the pregnancy, which doesn't quite seem possible. Another early delivery and we are over half way there. I felt the baby for the first time last night -- or for the first time that I could really say "yes, that was the baby I felt" and not some random weird thing my stomach was doing or simply blood pulsing.

In 2 weeks, we have THE ultrasound. It is Rocky's choice this time around as to whether or not we find out and so far he is on the surprise boat. I really enjoyed not knowing last time, though many people gave us a hard time about it.

We have been at a stalemate as far as girl names. I created a list of possible names, crossing them off as they were nixed. Every once in a while, I'll ask Maggie if she had a baby sister what would her name be. I've gotten all sorts of "interesting" responses including "Ga-ga" and "Peaches", which she brought up while watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur. I've rather hoped that Maggie would come up with THE name. Well, the other night, Rocky asked her the same question. And Maggie said "Ummmm, Jessie" and continued playing with her dress up doll, who was dressed like a cowgirl (like Jessie in Toy Story 2). Why yes, we watch a lot of movies, why do you ask? Neither of us hates it and it is starting to grow on me. We would use Jessica as a given name. We'll see if it is still sticking with us 20 weeks from now . . .

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