Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas Party


We hosted the Young Married's Christmas party on December 19. We had decided to make it a family party, and Brian had the great idea to invite the church babysitters to come so the adults could enjoy the party, as could the kids! Chelsei and Miles watched the kids downstairs while the adults had fun eating and drinking upstairs. We decorated cookies – and the kids ate a lot of frosting! We watched some of the Cowboys/Saints football game and played “Mad Gab” which the men won.100_3053

We are truly blessed to have found such a great group to hang out with and we all look forward to Tuesday nights. Maggie enjoys playing with Caleb, Olivia and baby Dylan (last Tuesday, Maggie and Caleb pretended they were married. Not sure what Olivia would have to say about that!)

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