Saturday, December 12, 2009


Santa was at the Gazette this afternoon and Maggie was very excited to meet him and ask for "A Unicorn Pillow Pet" which is her gift of choice this year. When we arrived, she waited patiently in line and there was no coaxing this year to chat with him. She ran up and gave him a hug and hopped right up on his lap to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

The Gazette purchases gifts for the kids and Maggie received a BIG gift. She waited to open it until after the family photo. We got back to the tables with cookies & juice and she tore into it. She received a Barbie princess accessory package. Unfortunately, as it wasn't what she asked for, the first words out of her mouth were: "But I asked for a unicorn!" Daddy explained to her that this was just a party gift and Santa would be bringing more gifts at Christmas. It worked well as while I was opening the box after we got home, she told me it was "the best toy ever" several times. We tried to introduce her Animal Doctor Barbie to the princess set (it didn't come with a Barbie Princess), but Maggie was having none of it. It's not for doctors, it's for princesses. So hopefully Santa remembers to put a princess Barbie in her stocking!!

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  1. Look at that huge smile and those flushed cheeks! Oh, to be so thrilled over something like that again! She's adorable. :')