Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost ready for an announcement.

"No woman ever conceived a child, no mare a foal, without Him. But once, and for a special purpose, He dispensed with that long line which is His instrument: once His life-giving finger touched a woman without passing through the ages of interlocked events." C.S. Lewis

So, there really is a baby in there (and just one). We saw the baby on Tuesday December 9. We watched him/her wiggle around, try to suck his/her thumb, the heartbeat. The due date is holding steady around June 15. I'm just going to say "mid June" rather than a date. We had an ultrasound to complete a genetic screening. While our odds are very low that anything would be wrong with this child, we have known too many people who have had problems in pregnancy and we just want to be as prepared as we possibly can for the child God has given to us.

The baby was very cooperative for the ultrasound, and even finding the heartbeat at the OB appointment on Friday the 11th. Heartbeat was around 157. I forgot to ask what my blood pressure is, though that's not really something I'm overly concerned about until we get closer to the end. I've lost about 3 pounds since last month, but I feel almost normal again, or at least I feel like eating and not just nibbling on crackers constantly, as I have for the past 6 weeks or so. I was feeling good until we decided to go for coffee before the OB appointment on Friday. Guess I'm not quite ready for coffee yet.

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