Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We have achieved normalcy

How quickly time flies. It's already been a month and I'm returning to my physically and somewhat emotionally former self. I know the old "normal" is gone, as it should be, and would be if the pregnancy had continued. But I can see a baby or pregnant woman without longing for what might have been; and I can even watch Maggie "play with" the baby at daycare without wanting to burst into tears. Rather than thinking about the loss, I can look forward to watching Maggie playing with a younger brother or sister. I see her with the baby and know she really will be a good big sister. She loves looking at the baby's tiny feet, hands, nose, ears. Yesterday, she and her friend Madison went back and forth with "look at her . . ." until they ran out of body parts -- they even included her tiny tummy and knees!

I do feel a bit of an eagerness/urgency to jump back on the wagon, which may be more because of my age than anything else. I'm ready to add to our family and to let Maggie be the wonderful big sister I know she will be. And to give her someone else to play with, because we're pooped!

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  1. I hope that your prayers and wishes are answered soon!