Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Resolution Update

So it's been MONTHS since my last update. And how have I been doing?

  1. Find a new church home: DONE! We have decided to join the Methodist Church we started attending earlier this year. I've been singing with the Praise Team and they even have a couple's group we are attempting to join. Maggie loves the Children's Sermon and we even debated sending her to VBS. It was going to be an ordeal as it ended at noon, so we decided to just wait for next year. But she did join in trying to sing the songs during the Children's Sermon that Sunday.
  2. Lose weight/exercise more: Okay, I'm back on schedule. My goal is to be down to 160 (that's right, I'm putting the number out there) by the time we are able to start trying for another baby -- so that's about 7 pounds in 6 weeks. Which is doable in a healthy manner.
  3. Eat healthier: We jump on and off this bandwagon. Last night I made a tomato and cucumber salad that was really good (and would make a great salsa with some garlic). I try to keep frozen veggies in the freezer and add them to a meal. But tonight, I'm making fried chicken . . . Double battered . . .
  4. Eating at the table: We are kind of back. I like it as it keeps me motivated to clean up after supper. I even, gasp, WASHED the dishes after supper last night. Sure, there are still dishes "drying" on the counter, but they are CLEAN. The other night, after the blessing, Maggie turns to her Dad and says "So, how was your day, Dad?"

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