Thursday, December 25, 2008

A very very Blessed Christmas to all!

I heard the bells on Christmas Day, their old familiar carol play. And wild and sweet, the words repeat of Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.

We had a nice, quiet Christmas, just the three (four if you count Otis) of us. Otis kept to himself most of the morning, but carried around his "red cannycane" bone that Maggie picked out for him. Santa was awfully good to all of us and the present part of Christmas lasted most of the day as Maggie took her time opening gifts and to savor and play with each gift before moving on to another. Santa was able to find Maggie the pygmy marmoset she had asked for and the humpback whale she had requested for Daddy.

It was a beautiful white Christmas -- the first we had seen in 5 years and the first Billings has seen in many more (according to the locals). Maggie and I took advantage of the warmer temps to spend some time outside. We walked around the backyard, made snow angels and ate a bit of snow. There was a crust about 1/2 an inch deep on the snow, which made for good eats! It was light enough that it didn't make very good snowballs, but that may have been my gloves as well.

A very merry Christmas and blessed new year to all!

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