Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008--Let's review

Overall, I would say 2008 was a good year. We did say goodbye to Nala in March and my Uncle Ed in August.

We have enjoyed living in Montana and being closer to family. Grandparents have had several opportunities to visit and we have been able to travel back to South Dakota on numerous occasions that we wouldn't have before. We've sent our baby on to preschool and been serenaded by many new songs (several that take us a few hearings to decipher). It has been a blessing to watch Maggie grow in the past year. She's no longer a baby nor a toddler, but a little girl. She even sat still for me this morning and allowed me to put pigtails in her hair. She is a little girly-girl and loves to play with make-up and jewelry. She loves to play with her babies and wrap them up. She also loves animals -- all kinds. She watches "Go Diego Go" and remembers the facts about animals she learns there. She can tell you what sound a pygmy marmoset makes.

Rocky continued working on his Ed.D and I continued to work! I like my job and the flexibility I currently have to be able to not take work home with me. I do hope to go back to school someday and move up the career ladder, but I'm happy being a simple working mommy right now.

And Otis, well, I think Otis enjoys his only dog status. In the recent bitter cold days, he stayed in the house at night and was finally allowed to sleep on the couch. He hasn't tried to runaway since Nala passed and has become such a patient dog, especially when it comes to Maggie. The other day, Maggie decided to feed Otis and piece by piece, he gently took the food from her. Of course, I discovered she was taste testing the food for him! You would think we never feed her.

I'm looking forward to the new challenges that 2009 will bring. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do resolutions this year, but I think I will let 2008 slip away first.

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