Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I know I'm not the only person in this country tired of all the political ads. I'm happy to see all of this coming to a close, at least for this election cycle. It will all come up again in another 2-3 years when the party on the outside starts making its bid for the White House.

Montana has early voting and no-restrictions on mail-in ballots. I opted for the mail-in/absentee ballot. I must say it was nice. Being unfamiliar with Montana politics, I was able to look over the choices, read up on the various positions and submit, what I feel, is the truly first informed ballot I ever have. I took the ballot with me on a recruiting trip and spent one evening looking up the candidates and initiatives on-line. I didn't feel rushed and didn't get the "who the hell is that?" feeling when looking over the choices. I plan to sign up to be on the permanent mail-in list next time, though if trends continue, Montana may be all mail-in soon. I look forward to Maggie getting older and being able to discuss the ballot issues with her and teach her about voting, as opposed to this time around when I simply needed to keep the ballot away from her and her drawings.

Rocky opted for early voting and is spending today getting video of other people standing in line waiting for their turn.

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