Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas already

Even though we are only a week past Halloween, consumer-driven Christmas has already begun. The hospital gift shop is all decked out -- and I could easily spend a small fortune there on the beautiful Christmas decorations they have (even with my employee discount). The Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier every year. I love Christmas; it's my very favorite holiday and I love that it really does last about a month. But to start in early November!?!

I have started thinking about Christmas shopping. As it will just be our family for Christmas, all other gifts will need to be sent, and you can't really shop at the last minute for a gift that needs to be sent. We are going to try to keep the Maggie presents to a minimum as well. Last year, she was completely over-whelmed and didn't even open all of her presents on Christmas morning. I have fun memories from when I was a kid of just hanging out on Christmas, playing the new game we got, watching TV. No rushing, just enjoying the time. I hope as Maggie (and any future children) grow, we will be able to build those family traditions and make Christmas about family and not just the presents.

I did ask Maggie what she wanted for Christmas, and she replied "Santa!"

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