Saturday, November 8, 2008


I love homemade food. Typically it is tons better than anything I could buy in the store, and sometimes even cheaper. Homemade bread, fresh from the oven -- doesn't even need butter (not that I would leave that off!) The cookies I bake at home are much better than the ones at the store (with the exception of the DoubleTree Hotel cookies -- but I now have the recipe and will be trying them out soon). This morning, I ended up trying something new: syrup.

I knew I needed to make a big breakfast this morning because there was a package of bacon that needed to either be cooked or I would have to throw it out in a few days. So I asked Maggie and Rocky if they would like pancakes, waffles or eggs for breakfast. Maggie immediately said "Waffles!" And asked to help stir the eggs. I started the waffles as usual, but didn't double check to be sure I have everything I need. Very typical of me. I tend to assume I have everything (even though today was grocery shopping day) and move forward until I have to figure out a work around, substitute or let it sit until Rocky or I can run to the store to pick up the missing ingredient (you should have seen the bread dough the day I ran out of flour!).

I got the first set of waffles done and called to Rocky. He immediately went to the fridge to grab the syrup. But we were out. Whoops! I offered a substitute of jam, but Rocky wouldn't go for it. Then he asked if I could MAKE syrup. Interesting question. Do I have a recipe for syrup?

I have one cupboard that holds my cookbooks. I have quite a collection. I love to read them, even if I never crack it to actually try one of the recipes. I started with Betty Crocker. No luck. Paula Deen? Nope. The book from my mother-in-law that her sister put together with their family recipes? Unfortunately, no. My last stop before heading to the Internet was "Gilbert's Goodies," a collection of recipes from my mother's uncle's family. Success! There was a recipe, tucked into another recipe for pancakes. A very simple recipe: 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup water, 1 tsp maple flavoring, stir and boil until sugar is melted. Of course, I don't have maple flavoring so I added a tsp of vanilla instead. It wasn't too bad. I think I will be hard pressed to purchase syrup in the future knowing just how easy and cheap it is to make.

The leftover syrup is in the fridge and we'll see how well it keeps. After all, we have left over waffles (heated in the toaster -- you can keep your Eggos) and bacon, so I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow.


  1. Wow! I never thought about making my own syrup, and we love waffles at our house. I hope it keeps well!

  2. It tasted better this morning and was a little thicker. I kept it in a tupperware container in the back of the fridge. I'm now curious as to just how long it will keep. I also think that next time I might use a little less water to make it thicker.