Monday, February 15, 2016

Love Freely

The love that comes from faith does not ask, "Who will get into heaven?" or "Who will go to hell?" No, the love that comes from faith says, "Christ is near to you, as close as a whisper and within your heart." (Romans 10:6-8a, adapted)

This Valentine's Day, Lord, let me be your love, your light that shows others you. Guide me, put into my path those that need that love. Remind me so show love when I am impatient, frustrated, angry. I am not ready for the responsibilities that come with judging others. I want to love, give grace to those that I don't think deserve it. Love is not something to be earned but to be freely given. 

This is something I need to do.
This is something I want to do.
This is what is required, because you have freely loved me.

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