Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tales From Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is upon us. This year we actually had to find stuff for Maggie to do. Most weeks she is at the YMCA summer camps, which she loves. Last week, her best friend from school started there as well. She was so excited to tell us about the big surprise she had at camp. She comes home every day exhausted. She'll spend a week at Bible School and Venture Theater Itty Bitty camp, along with her friend Caleb. She told us "I think this summer I will be the happiest girl ever!"

Jessie is also enjoying the summer weather! She loves to go outside and play with her chalk or bubbles. Her newest game is to be the "Mommy" and tell me I'm the "son;" she then heads off to "work."  She is almost completely potty trained, tho she still likes to wear a diaper on occasion.

The house is on the market and we are past the eager stage and on to the anxious stage of house sales. We are headed into week 4 of being on the market.  

Summer officially starts this week, even tho we've been in it for a while. The sun sets are late and beautiful. Sun rises are early and fabulous.  I think this will be a blessed summer for all.

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