Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Something Like ...

Something like ... fear keeps me from submitting fully
Something like ... awe that You should care so much for someone like me
Something like ... wonder that You can soften this heart
Something like ... contentment lets me know this is Your path
Something like ... love compels me to submit fully

I'm unable to find the prayer-writing prompt that started this one. As usual, I'm sure it was something from Rachel Hackenberg. Her prompts have allowed me to take my prayers to a different level. This is a season of change in the Dailey house. Rocky has accepted his dream job as an assistant professor at South Dakota State University. Maggie is going to summer day camps at the YMCA and is over the moon at the idea of moving to South Dakota to be closer to Grandmas and Grandpas ("Mom, I don't know why we didn't think of this AGES ago.") Jessie just turned 3 and is no longer my baby but a little preschooler. The house is on the market and we are browsing the internet for our new dream home in Brookings South Dakota. I've given notice at work. And am looking forward to this new adventure (even if I'm not totally excited about it, yet). August will come quickly and this will definitely give me new things to write about. The Lord has shown me over and over that this is His path for us, and so I'm stepping out in faith that he has something beyond my dreams waiting for us back in South Dakota. And perhaps I will come to agree with Maggie that we should have done this "ages ago."

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