Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in the man’s heart,
But it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

A good thing to remember when I am struggling. My list of gifts continues.  We had 2 difficult weekends in September and I struggled with my list of gifts, but when I took the time to sit back and look I saw many gifts that I would have overlooked if I hadn’t sought them out.

181. Maggie reading “The 3 Bears” to Jessie
182. Watching Maggie find that one special item to purchase with her birthday money.
183. Making freezer meals.
184. Good friends we can call at 9 p.m. for help [Nikki bringing an overnight back to Maggie & me in the hospital]
185. The nurse taking time to wrap Maggie’s bear’s arm so it looked like her arm.
186. The OR staffing giving Maggie’s bear a bandage.
187. Nikki & Becca taking Jessie for the afternoon.
188. Kailey, Camille & Elle bringing Maggie a balloon, and her first smile of the afternoon.
189. All of the prayers for Maggie!
190. Dr. Hancock & the OR staff, such a quick & smooth operation!
191. Maggie’s good attitude during all of the waiting.
192. Maggie’s first smile after anesthesia.
193. Maggie’s fast healing.
194. Walking around the hospital with Jessie.
195. Modern medicine – going home only 6 hours after surgery!
196. Nikki bringing us meals.
197. Watching Maggie turn back into her old self.
198. Baking chocolate cupcakes for Maggie’s birthday
199. Listening to Maggie sing Beatle’s songs
200. Chuck E Cheese on a Monday evening [not many people there at all!]
201. Maggie & Ellie playing games at Chuck E Cheese and being happy for the other girl to win! [And the Manske’s being able to join us there at the last minute!]
202. Watching Jessie enjoy Chuck E Cheese
203. Maggie back to school only 2 days after surgery.
204. Maggie & Jessie playing so happily together.
205. Aspen trees just starting to turn yellow
206. Talking about Girl Scouts with Renee, a far away friend & planning stuff for the girls
207. Helping the Krieger’s by taking the kids for the morning to Saturday Live
208. Date night with my husband at Ales for Trails – and running into so many people!
209. Sunshine on the fall leaves
210. Pumpkin Spiced Frappacino!!
211. A walk with a co-worker
212. Maggie’s response to her teacher’s question “If I were Principal” “I would put up a sign that read ‘Fish Welcome’.”
213.  A cupcake BEFORE lunch
214. Lunch at the Burger Dive with Rocky
215. Clothes dried outside
216. The crunch of fallen leaves
217. Little girls with colored hair spray
218. Watching Jessie mimic Maggie
219. A surprise cookie!
220. A quiet weekend to look forward to
221. Trusting the Lord in the trying times. A calm that everything will be alright. God will provide for all we need.
222. My lilac bush, bright red and ready for all
223. Planning a puppy, person and parent play date
224. Compliment from my VP
225. SNOW!!!!

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