Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm getting closer to the end of the year and while I'm getting closer, I'm not quite as far along in my list as I expected to be able to hit 1000 gifts by December 31.  Perhaps that's what I will be doing on December 31: looking back on 2012 for the gifts I may have missed.

It is interesting what this is doing to my train of thought.  I was feeling frustrated at work earlier, so I made myself come up with 4 gifts in my job.  I didn't allow myself to go on to anything else until I completed that task.  Coming up with just 4 small things was easy.  And that's really the point of this exercise.  To make seeing the gifts easier.

226. Jessie pooped on the potty!

227. Jessie wanting to tell Grandma that she pooped on the potty

228. Shiraz!

229. Jessie picking out her own clothes

230. A picture of the 4 babies, who aren’t babies anymore!

231. Celebrating another 2 year old’s birthday (happy birthday John!)

232. Maggie buying her own Halloween costume

233. Onions carmelizing, soaking up flavor

234. Smell of beef roasting

235. A crockpot with a timer

236. Chicken soup & grilled cheese

237. Blue skies against a snowy field

238. The first snow fall, so pretty, but quickly gone

239. #joydare: 3 gifts baked, stirred, eaten: Euchrist, the bread, my soul, my mind

240. My beautiful daughters

241. Finally finishing reading “One Thousand Gifts” (the book that started this all)

242. Picking up with the Psalms online study

243. Psalm 41:9 Though people may betray me, God never will.

244. A prayer group for Rocky

245. Lunch with Diane at Uberbrew

246. Smell of pine which can take me back instantly to summer camp

247. 9 years of marriage

248. Rocky putting the phone charger in my car

249. Watching Rocky play with the girls

250. A husband with a sense of humor

251. Knowing my husband will be there when I get home.

252. That even in the exasperating times, he still chooses to love me.

253. Time in my prayer journal

254. A cool, foggy morning

255. Getting out the good china, Grandma’s chine, for dinner

256. God has saved the best for NOW

257. Dinner with Tim & Diane

258. An evening with our church group, times too far and few between

259. Pumpkin bread

260. An adorable picture of Jessie, John & Eli

261. Lots of laughter with a new game

262. Jessie’s first haircut

263. Jessie playing with Eli & 2 year old giggles

264. Maggie watching “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and knowing all the songs

265. A cool afternoon with the windows open

266. Playing Battleship on the iPad

267. Playing Life with Maggie

268. Making the video of Jessie’s first haircut

269. Social media, the ability to share Jessie’s and Maggie’s milestones with everyone in an instant

270. Watching the Avengers, again.

271. Great wine!

272. Taking the Girl Scouts to Scott’s to learn about bees

273. Scott’s wonderful ability to interact with the girls

274. Sweet, golden, candy-like honey

275. Maggie’s delight in the honey

276. The girls playing in the leaves, 7 year old laughter

277. Family photos

278. Jessie’s determination to do things for herself, putting on her own clothes

279. Blowing kisses

280. Jessie wanting to give dog treats to Rusty

281. Maggie wanting to take on more responsibility

282. In laws coming to visit!!

283. Work: given responsibility over the recruitment ad budgets

284. Work: job scope has expanded beyond recruitment

285. Work: Flexibility in work hours to be able to participate in Girl Scouts

286. Work: A manager who does care about me as a person.

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