Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maggie Goes Rafting

Yesterday, Rocky took Maggie rafting on the Stillwater River (Stillwater is quite the misnomer as the river is anything but still! ) I did not get to go so here is Maggie's version of the trip:

It was fun. Dad was wrong there was no dinosaur attack and Superman is not real! But there was cliff diving! I didn't jump out silly! I went in the water and I learned how to row only when the raft was down. Well Dad helped me. Well I throwed rocks. And I tried to skip rocks but every time I did the just went down. We went on waves. I never went in or fell overboard. We saw an eagle. We rode on SpongeBob!

Well we went on a bus back to the car and our clothes were in the car. We didn't have lunch on the rafting trip. We had pizza and it was all you can eat! And salad. I can't remember the rest.
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