Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chicken Parmesan Wraps

Recently I found a website called “Once a Month Mom.” The idea 2011-07-19 2011-07-19 001 011behind the website is taking seasonal recipes and making them freezer friendly. Usually she links to other sites for the original recipe, but also includes recipe & shopping lists (yes, shopping lists!!) of exactly how much you need for the group of recipes she's put together. Currently, I typically just pull out the recipes I think the family will like and haven't gotten "brave" enough to pull the full list, yet.

I’ve looked around and found a few recipes I like and tried the first one tonight: Chicken Parmesan Wraps. As usual, I had a few minor substitutions – though not as big of substitutions as usual. I used canned spinach instead of fresh and I ended up wrapping them like an egg roll, rather than in triangles. I think that’s more because I do not have any history or experience with egg roll wrappers and it seemed easier while I was in the process of making them to wrap them like an egg roll. The only problem with wrapping is I couldn’t get a good seal on the roll so some marinara leaked out. I think next time I would also add some garlic and fresh basil to give it a little more 2011-07-19 2011-07-19 001 012 flavor. I think that had more to do with my pasta sauce choice (Wal-Mart brand – which is good with spaghetti, but I think this needed a little sometime more) or even some freshly grated parmesan instead of the green can stuff.

Both Rocky & Maggie enjoyed them. I think they would be good with a Mexican flair – some cilantro chicken and pico de gillo.

I’ve also discovered I’m a bad food blogger because I didn’t even think to take pictures until I was almost done and then I really should have used a black plate instead of the white so the parmesan would have shown up better.

I’m really enjoying this website and am even going to do some test cooking for it next month. Hopefully I will be a better food blogger – though I can’t share what I cook until after the pages go live – especially if I find something both Maggie & Rocky will like!!

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